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We are a full solution provider for automotive embedded system development. Important electronic components such as the transmission control or motor control, are developed, tested and verified by ThaiGerTec.

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A large number of features and trends in the automotive industry are based on electric and electronic systems of which ThaiGerTec is devoted to providing. Our customers include international car manufacturers and their suppliers. Our products and services range from transmission- /motor control units and EV-chargers to development and consultation of both hardware and software projects.

Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids

As current trends show that electric vehicles will play a more significant role in near future, ThaiGerTec is putting efforts to develop an innovative product to increase the availability and functionality of smart charging stations.

The ThaiGerTec Quick Charger reduces the duration of an electric vehicle's charging process down to only 30 minutes.
The charging process is handled and monitored through bidirectional communication between the charger and the vehicle. A major benefit of this is a higher level of safety, such as the prevention of overcharging. To make the charging process as convenient as possible, the user has the ability to check the battery's state of charge via smartphone.

Semiconductors, based on Silicon Carbide (SiC), are used in the high voltage circuitry to guarantee high efficiency.

Technical Infos

  • Power: 22 kW
  • Max. Current: 55 A
  • Output Voltage: 170-500 V (DC)
  • Efficiency: 95 %
  • Charging Time: <30 min
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • Stand-By Power: 5 W
  • Bi-Directional: Yes
  • Connector: CCS (USA & Europe), GB/T (China)


The CANIBESSA project aims to create a high quality, low cost hardware and software environment for ECU testing - As an alternative to contemporary expensive solutions.
In contrast to the conventional approach by using CANoe Software along with VECTOR Box hardware, our solution is based on our CANIBESSA software paired with our CANIBESSA Hardware, consisting of a Beaglebone board and an FPGA. Compared to alternatives, this is a more cost-effective solution without any trade-offs in terms of quality and performance.

Features of CANIBESSA

  • Testing of ECU functionality and responsibility
  • Data Logging
  • CAN, CAN FD & FlexRay Interface
  • LIN interface planned for future
  • Transmit Customizable messages via CAN, CAN FD & FlexRay
  • Run CANIBESSA scripts
  • Preloaded Database files (FIBEX/ DBC)


MiniHil is a revolutionary Hardware-in-the-Loop alternative for Powertrain Systems. This low cost and flexible system replaces traditional and expensive systems such as D-Space and ETAS based HiL systems without sacrificing performance or functionality. MiniHil is a Hardware-In-the-Loop test platform providing modular I/O modules with various kinds of simulated signals, such as analog: digital, PMW, LIN, CAN, Flexray, resolver etc.

The MiniHil platform's flexibility is due to its interchangeable modules - each designed for aspecific task. These modules are created in-house and can be customized to satisfy our customer's needs and requirements. Such modules include:

  • Power I/O Module: To turn on / off hardware. Contains 5 channels and can also read the voltage and current of each channel
  • 8 Digital input – 8 Digital output: Provides an easy way to generate & read ECU relevant GPIO and PWM signals
  • Key Module: Designed for testing robustness, such as a start button, with a solenoid system to run a machine push and pull
  • Relay Input/Output Module: uses software to control power and signal routing

iSB14 - Breakout Box

The iSB14 (intelligent switch box) is the consistent enhancement of flexible and modular test set-ups based on experience with traditional testing systems and switch boxes in the automotive industry. It is designed to support integration tests, and streamline the debugging phase of ECUs.

Features of iSB14

  • Seamless Integration with other test tools
  • programmable connection of test devices
  • selectable bus-terminations
  • 2x programmable DUT power supplies (7-15 V | 4 A)
  • Intelligent connectors for system identification
  • Modular architecture for further enhancements
  • Optional Integration of miniHil system / measurement modules

Neorelis is a software tool used for managing and linking development data. Currently it is compatible with IBM DOORS and HP ALM, but this can be updated according to customer requirements.

The key features of Neorelis include:

  • Project managment and traceability utilities
  • Faster and easier linking functions
  • Detailed report section for creating and exporting metrics
  • Automatic detection and fixing of issues such as broken links
  • Useful search and navigation options

LCU - Lambda Control Unit

One of Thaigertec's devlopments is the Lambda control unit (LCU). This control unit is part of the Engine Control Unit ,the brain behind the vintage car's engine. It controls the engine operation through a number of software programs or "maps" that correspond to various aspects of the fuel system.

The control sensor measures the remaining oxygen in the still unprocessed exhaust. In the process, a sensor signal arises which the engine control unit (also “LCU") uses in order to change the mixture composition.

The key features of LCU are:

  • 16bit 80MHz CPU and dedicated injector drive system
  • PCB's Manufactured to Quality Standard ISO9002
  • Standard kit package includes wiring harness and other components, reducing extra purchases
  • High resolution 3D maps
  • Analog input ±5, ±12
  • High-Side and Low-Side driver
  • Compact dimensions (130mm x 137mmx37mm)
  • CAN system interface

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