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ThaiGerTec (Thai-German Technologies) is a leading Thai-German company in design & development of microelectronics, powerelectronics and embedded systems for the automotive industry. We have offices in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand as well as in Munich, Germany. Our focus is on electronic engineering solutions and research & development projects.

A large number of features and trends in the automotive industry are based on electric and electronic systems of which ThaiGerTec is devoted to providing. Our customers include international car manufacturers and their suppliers. Our products and services range from transmission- /motor control units and EV-chargers to development and consultation of both hardware and software projects.

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What We Do

We are a full solution provider for automotive embedded system development. Important electronic components such as transmission control or motor control, are developed, tested and verified by ThaiGerTec.

Through realizing solutions and participating in various international R&D projects, we have gained extensive technical know-how and built a team of highly skilled experts in hardware and software design.
Our aim is to support European as well as Asian automotive companies by providing engineering and outsourcing solutions for all areas of the embedded industry.


Our vision is to be a leading automotive engineering company with extensive technical know-how and experience particularly in developing and marketing automotive electronics. We will be proving that advanced technology made in Thailand is not just a vision but a reality.


Our mission is to be a key player in international automotive development projects and to deliver world class engineering solutions with high customer satisfaction.

Why ThaiGerTec?

As ThaiGerTec we work, develop and supply automotive electronic solutions. ThaiGerTec excels at various engineering tasks including developing hardware, embedded software, test-tools as well as the testing and validating the safety of critical electronic components.

Our successful business model and our ever expanding number of international customers is the result of delivering outstanding results and global R&D solutions from our highly skilled and well motivated engineering team. ThaiGerTec provides cutting-edge technology solutions at a high-quality level.

To realize this, we actively work and collaborate with different universities and research organizations in Thailand. Furthermore, collaboration with international R&D companies allows us to be globally present and to be able to offer the latest technologies to our customers.

Our Policy of Company Management

The Policy and The Integrated Management Manual is present at the following locations of the organization:

1. MicroFuzzy GmbH, Taunusstr. 38, München, Germany
2. ThaiGerTec Co.,Ltd. 44/1 Rungrojthanakul Building, 14 Floor, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand
3. MicroFuzzy GmbH, Trothengasse 5, Regensburg, Germany

They are applied to the following areas, and intend to maintain:

• System and functional development
• Software design and verification
• Hardware design, validation
• Project management

With a special focus on the automotive area

Our Management-System will document all quality principles necessary for the compliance with our customers and partners, as well as the requirements related to the Information-Safety. Moreover the work-cooperation with our partners will be regulated and documented. The legal regulations and rules, as well as the relevant standards and guidelines of the sector will be also considered, as far as necessary and applicable.
The management system is always process-oriented structured and described according with DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001. Standards requirements which are not applicable to our company and do not have any use, are defined and excluded properly.

Furthermore, these management documentation serves as a mandatory requirement for all employees of our company who are involved in the processes of service fulfillment. Through our corporate- and quality-policy, we want to demonstrate our customers and contract givers, as well as to our cooperation partners and external services providers that we meet the requirements placed on us. The management system of MicroFuzzy GmbH and ThaiGerTec Co.,Ltd. get released with this agreement of the company management board and comes into effect for all employees of the company.

Necessary modifications of the management system will be immediately discussed with the company management, otherwise at least be discussed once a year as part of the regular "Internal Audits", review and approved with the management board. The maintenance, support and continuous development of the management system is the responsibility of the management board in close consultation with the company's internal quality management and ISMS representative.

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