ThaiGerTec is honored to host a special event for potential strategic partners across East Asia

ThaiGerTec is honored to host a special event for the Consortium group of KPIT, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation, Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Asia, Gets Global, and HASETEC. 

Date:                  14th September 2018 (Friday)

Duration:         9:00am - 6:00pm

Venue:               KPIT-MicroFuzzy-ThaiGerTec (TGT Office)

Participants:  Gets Global, TISS, TTDA, PUES, KPIT-TGT


Agenda (1 hour per session):

  1. Explanation of NEDO project (TISS)
  2. Bus Architecture explanation (PUES)
  3. Charging Architecture explanation (TISS)
  4. Battery System explanation (TISS)
  5. KPIT-TGT Facility visit (All)
  6. SOW Explanation (TISS)
  7. Schedule Explanation (TISS)
  8. Wrap Up


Guest Visitors Background:

  • Gets Global - a Malaysia investment holding company, provides express bus services principally in Malaysia.
  • TISS - Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions (Japan). Focus on EV battery and charging system.
  • TTDA - Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Asia (Malaysia). 
  • PUES - Power Unit for Electric System (Japan). New application technologies for EV/HEV.
  • NEDO - New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization. Japan's largest public management organization promoting research and development as well as deployment of industrial, energy and environmental technologies.